Saturday, 19 January 2019

Eid 2018; Pelindo Provides 4,000 Free Homecoming Tickets

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  • Homecoming for Eid.  ANTARA/Moch Asim

    Homecoming for Eid. ANTARA/Moch Asim

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State port operator Pelindo 1 provides a free homecoming program through 11 routes with the land and sea transportation modes.

    Pelindo 1 Corporate Secretary M. Eriansyah said that it is aimed at facilitating the home-comers who usually use motorcycles, to switch to the safer transportation modes such as buses and ships, in order to suppress the numbers of the traffic accident during Eid holiday.

    “This year, Pelindo I has prepared 45 tourism buses and 12 ships to serve the free homecoming program with a target of 4,750 participants, which is an increase compared to last year at 2,150 people,” he said as quoted by official statement on Thursday, May 17.

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    People who are interested in joining the program can register at Pelindo 1 branch offices in the city of departure with the requirement to bring a copy of the family card, ID card or another valid identity. The registration is opened from May 14 to June 3.

    The 12 ships prepared to serve the home-comers with the route from Tanjung Pinang Port to Karimun, Selat Panjang, Bengkalis, Dumai, Tanjung Samak, will depart on June 11.

    As for the route of Kijang Port to Pulau Tujuh (Anambas, Tarempa, Midai, Natuna) will also depart on June 11, while the route of Batam to Belawan is scheduled to depart on June 9 and 11.

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    Meanwhile, the homecoming route by bus is divided into a number of departures. The departure on June 11 is for the route of Perawang-Padang, Perawang-Medan, Pekanbaru-Medan, Pekanbaru-Padang, Kandis-Medan, Dumai-Medan.

    For the route of Medan-Aceh, Medan-South Tapanuli and Medan-Central Tapanuli will be served on June 10. Each route uses a terrestrial mode and will be served by five buses except the Dumai-Medan which will be served by 10 buses.

    The free homecoming participants will get snacks, hats, and shirts at the departure, as well as travel insurance.