Trial of Rp11 Bn Lawsuit against Garuda Held Today

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The first trial regarding a lawsuit against Garuda Indonesia by its passenger who was splashed by hot water was held today, on Thursday, May 17 in Central Jakarta District Court. The passenger Koosmariam Djatikusumo demanded Rp1.25 billion and Rp10 billion for material losses and immaterial losses, respectively.

    The Judge Marulak Purba lead the trial with an agenda of examination to both parties' documents. The panel of judges announced the documents have been completed.

    In a written statement, Marulak reminded all parties to solve the case through the mediation process. “Thus, if the plaintiff doesn’t have a good intention, the lawsuit will be invalidated,” said Marulak today, May 17.

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    The trial then continued with an agenda of mediation. Each party –plaintiff and defendent– agreed on leaving the case to the panel of judges as the mediator.

    As the report suggests, on April 11, 2018, a passenger named B.R.A Koosmariam filed a lawsuit against Garuda Indonesia after he was spilled with hot water. The incident occurred when the airline's stewardess served in-flight meals, causing a permanent scar.

    The lawsuit was submitted in Central Jakarta District Court. Koosmariam's lawyer David Tobing explained that his client experienced the incident during a flight in Garuda Airline GA-264 heading to Blimbingsari Airports, Banyuwangi from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta on December 29, 2017.