Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Former Intelligence Deputy Urge Public to Fight Hoax, Terrorism

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    Illustration of Anti Hoax

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -  Former Deputy Chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) As`ad Said Ali urged everyone to research or study the news sources people read during the Ramadan month to fight the spread of hoax, hate speech, radicalization, and terrorism.

    As’ad further explained that people must refrain from any activities that can potentially break people’s fast such as hoaxes and slanders. “And one more, refrain from conducting terrorist attacks in the name of religion,” said As’ad Ali on Wednesday, May 16.

    He admits that a large portion of society must understand the culture of confirmation and information research, considering that conventional and social media are often used by radical groups to spread hoaxes.

    “It must be confirmed first and thought about whether the contents [of an information] corroborate with the religious teaching or would it in fact ruin the religion,” he said.

    As’ad encouraged religious figures to give sermons on the dangers of radicalization and terrorism throughout Ramadan.

    Syafiul Hadi