Saturday, 19 January 2019

Businessman Offers Rp5bn to Uncover Mastermind of Terror Attacks

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  • Businessman Sam Aliano. TEMPO/Ilham Fikri

    Businessman Sam Aliano. TEMPO/Ilham Fikri

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Businessman Sam Aliano recently held a prized challenge for anyone who can uncover the mastermind of the recent terrorist attacks that shook Indonesia. The man that has also submitted himself as presidential candidate had increased the prize money from Rp1 billion to Rp5 billion.

    “I am concerned [about the situation] and I want members of the public to participate in fighting against terrorists,” said Sam on Thursday, May 17.

    Not stopping there, Sam said he will file a police report against a Youtube channel that was used by one of the terrorists as a guideline to construct an explosive device.

    “The terrorists learned to create a bomb themselves from Youtube and transferred that knowledge to other terrorists,” said the businessman.

    The series of terror started from the riot at the Police Mobile Brigade detention center (Mako Brimob) and was followed by a series of suicide bombings had driven Sam Aliano to urge members of the public to play an active role of uncovering the terror’s mastermind and report it to the police.

    Ayu Cipta (Contributor)