Indonesian Youtube Viewers Skyrockets During Ramadan

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - One of the most frequent activities of Indonesians during the Ramadan month is unsurprisingly spending time watching Youtube videos, which can increase by 50 percent compared to other months.

    Yudistira Adi Nugroho, Industry Analyst for Google Indonesia revealed that Indonesians can spend an average time on Youtube up to three times a day, which usually starts earlier in the morning during the time of Sahur - the time Muslims consume meals before fasting-.

    “People’s Youtube consumption starts early in the morning when they are conducting Sahur. During the usual months, people usually browse the site from 7-8 am when they wake up,” said Yudistira at the Google Indonesia office in South Jakarta on Thursday, May 3.

    He also revealed that their Youtube-related activities continue again at noon around 11:00 am as a way to spend time that they would usually use for lunch. This activity continues again after the Tarawih prayers after 08:00 pm up to 11:00 pm.

    The videos people mostly watch are dominated -but not exclusively- by religious contents such as religious songs. Other than religious-themed songs, other contents mostly viewed by people are videos related to fashion such as hijab tutorials and culinary-themed contents such as cooking demos.