Wednesday, 23 January 2019

OIC Condemns US Decision to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Monday strongly rejected and condemned the illegal decision by the US Administration to open its embassy in Jerusalem.

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) strongly rejects and condemns in the strongest terms this illegal decision by the US Administration and considers this action as an attack on the historical, legal, natural and national rights of the Palestinian people, OIC said in a statement on Monday.

    The US' move was seen as a clear violation of international law pertaining to the status of Al Quds Al Sharif and Palestine, in particular the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 (1967), 252 (1968), 267 (1969), 298 (1971), 338 (1973), 446 (1979), 465 (1980, 476 (1980) 478 (1980), 2334 (2016), United Nations General Assembly resolution A/RES/72/15 (2017).

    The OIC determined that the US Administration has contradicted its own commitment and expressed utter disdain and disrespect to Palestinian legitimate rights, and international law and has made very clear that it has no regard for the rights and religious sentiments of the Muslim Umah and concludes that the current US Administration has invalidated its role as a broker in any future peace efforts in Palestine.

    The OIC , furthermore, said that it will continue its efforts to defend the two-state solution and the right of the Palestinian people to end the conflict on the basis of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions.

    The OIC also called upon all states to continue to fully implement UNSC Res. 476 and 478 of 1980 and in this regard urges all states to refrain from supporting the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the so-called capital of Israel and not to relocate their diplomatic missions to the holy city of Muslims, Christians and Jews.

    The United States opens its embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, a move that fulfilled the US President Trump's pledge and has delighted Israel and infuriated Palestinians and drawn criticism from many foreign government as a set back to peace efforts.

    Reuters reported that Israeli troops killed dozens of Palestinians who were taking part in mass protests on the Gaza border on Monday as the United States opened its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.