Welcoming Ramadan, Tanjung Pesona Beach Crowded with Tourists

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    TEMPO.CO, Sungailiat - Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, thousands of tourists visited the Tanjung Pesona beach located in Rambak Village, Sungailiat Sub-district, Bangka Regency, Sunday, May 13. The beach which is famous for its white sand and the beautiful scenery becomes one of the favorite beach resorts in the Bangka Island.

    Visiting Tanjung Pesona beach is not difficult as it is only 9 kilometers from Sungailiat town center. The beach is in the middle between Uber Bay Beach and Golden Mouse Beach, it has a panoramic view of the sea off the headland with the arrangement of exotic large rocks.

    This beach is equipped with various tourist facilities and resorts with four-star hotel classified. To enter the beach area, the visitors are charged Rp10,000 per person.

    One visitor from Pangkalpinang City, Dinda said with her family she always routinely travels before Ramadan. Tanjung Pesona beach becomes her favorite because it has many choices for activities.

    “Children, for example, they choose to play in the playground, while I enjoy the atmosphere and the scenery is good,” said Dinda.

    Dinda also happy because this beach has a spot for photos that are instagramable.

    One of her favorites is taking pictures in the sand beach with the background of a luxurious resort on granite rocks and majestic hilltop.

    "At sea tide, the scenery is more beautiful."

    Meanwhile, Randi, a visitor from Koba, Central Bangka Regency said to know the beauty of the Tanjung Pesona beach because he followed the activities of a company. From there he was interested in taking his family to travel here although the distance is quite far from where he lived.

    "The family wants to go to this beach because when it comes to the month of fasting Ramadan, we cannot visit and we have been here several times but never get bored."