4 Vegetables Must Be Consumed During Ramadan

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    Credit: shutterstock

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended for daily consumption. These two foods are the good source of nutrition for health. When fasting in Ramadan, the consumption of fruits and vegetables should be improved because some of them contain high water content.

    Citing the Health website, about 20 percent of daily water intake comes from solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables. But not all fruits and vegetables have high water content.

    The following vegetables contain more than 93 percent water:

    1. Paprika

    Green paprika has a water content of 93.9 percent. It is higher compared to red and yellow paprika, that contain 92 percent of water. Green paprika also tastes slightly sweeter than red and yellow paprika.

    2. Tomato

    Tomatoes have the water content of 94.5 percent. Tomatoes can be a mixture of soup, juice, or eaten directly.

    3. Celery

    Celery has the water content of 95.4 percent, while the calorie content is only 6 calories per stalk. It also contains folate and vitamins of A, C, and K. In addition to preventing dehydration, celery is able to neutralize gastric acid.

    4. Cucumber

    Compared to three vegetables before, cucumbers have the highest water content, which is 96.7 percent. To delicious taste when it is eaten, you can mix cucumbers with yogurt without fat, mint, and ice cubes.