Saturday, 19 January 2019

Merapi Eruption Not Stop Europe to Perform at Volcano Rock Fest

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    Rock band Europe

    TEMPO.CO, Solo - The phreatic eruption from Mount Merapi that spouted 5.5-kilometer thick smoke yesterday did not discourage the legendary hard-rock band from Sweden, Europe, to hold their concert in Boyolali tonight, May 12.

    “We've been explained what Mount Merapi's phreatic eruption is. They said it's fine, it’s still safe,” said event consultant of 2018 Volcano Rock Festival, Anas Syahrul Alimi, when met after a press conference in Boyolali Regent office on Friday night.

    Anas said Europe member only asked the reason why their direct plane from Singapore had to circle for 15 minutes before landing in Adi Sutjipto Yogyakarta Airport. “Turned out that their plane was the last one that will be landed before Adi Sutjipto Airport temporarily closed because of volcanic ashes from the Merapi's phreatic eruption,” he said.

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    Following the terrorism issue recently re-emerged in Indonesia after Mako Brimbob riot, Anas said the Europe member also did not care about it. 

    Seno Samodro, Boyolali’s Regent uttered the phreatic eruption of Mount Merapi coincidentally became the “opening” of 2018 Volcano Rock Festival, an international rock concert with Europe and Godbless as the main guests. The concert will be held in Pandanarang Stadium, Boyolali, on Saturday, May 12.

    “Just like the tagline, Gemah Ripah Rock Jinawi, Mount Merapi gives lots of blessing to the local people. When it erupts, it must be avoided. When the eruption has subsided, the soil becomes fertile, a blessing from the lavish volcanic ash, rock and sand material,” said Seno, who also one of the concert promoters of Europe concert.

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