Rini Soemarno: We Were Discussing a Project

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  • Minister of State Enterprises Rini Soemarno. TEMPO/Inge Klara

    Minister of State Enterprises Rini Soemarno. TEMPO/Inge Klara

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - After a recording of her conversation with PLN CEO Sofyan Basir became viral in the social media, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Rini Soemarno has filed a report with the police. She feels that this was defamation. She is of the opinion, the recording was selectively edited to make her look bad. Rini only gave two short statements to reporters last week. She retained the services of lawyer Hartanto to file a report with the Criminal Investigation Unit at the National Police Headquarters. Rini's statements were supplemented with an interview with Hartanto on Thursday last week. Here are excerpts from their interview.

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    What is the context of that recording?

    I don't have any problem with the recording. We were discussing a project. We asked the SOEs to off-take 90 percent or more (stock). We have to own the stock to make sure that we will be involved in (determining) the products to be sold and their pricing. That is the point. There is nothing else.

    How important is it for PLN and Pertamina to have stock in the project?

    It's important. It is important for PLN to have stock so that we know about the cost structure. I feel this has been damaging. The recording which is circulating has been edited for a particular purpose, namely to defame me. I truly believe that I have fought for the interest of the SOEs for the past three-and-a-half years.

    Have you reported the matter to the police?

    I have given power of attorney to a lawyer to file a report with the police. We have submitted it to the police to be processed. We are waiting for the result of the police investigation.

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