South Korean Cosmetic Industry Eyeing the Halal Industry

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  • TEMPO/Zara Amelia

    TEMPO/Zara Amelia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia’s neighboring Asian countries have directed its industries towards the Halal certified goods and services industry. Halal material scientist Irwandi Jaswir said that South Korean cosmetics are now focusing its efforts on the halal industry.

    “[South Korea] has 2,000 cosmetic industries that covers 23 percent of the global market,” said the scientist nicknamed professor halal.

    The biotechnology researcher currently working in Malaysia has researched on halal materials for the past 20 years and has won the King Faisal International Prize 2018 for his service to Islam.

    “Other than Indonesia, the [South Korean cosmetic industry] is also eyeing the Middle Eastern market such as in Saudi Arabia and Dubai,” said Irwandi who is often invited as a speaker in South Korean cosmetic business forums.

    Japan has also prepared its way to provide halal certified accommodation services that are friendlier towards Muslims, which is in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. Joining South Korean and Japan is Singapore and several Chinese regions. However, according to Irwandi, Malaysia is the current standard for halal tourism services based on its policies.

    Indonesia, he says, needs to have similar policies for halal certified foods and beverages such as Malaysia’s policies, which he was involved in making.