Rabu, 19 Desember 2018

7 Popular Dishes Presented at Culinary Festival XploRasa

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  • Banana nugget

    Banana nugget

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A culinary festival dubbed XploRasa is held in the parking area of Summarecon Mal, Serpong on April 12 until May 13. As many as 300 booths presented various foods that are currently highlighted or locally known zaman now by the youths.

    The festival which is open for all-day offers street foods, desserts, heavy meals, to snacks. Tempo outlined the current popular food in XploRasa festival.

    1. Sang Pisang by Kaesang

    Banana nugget has begun public’s favorite since this year. In addition, the youngest son of President Jokowi Kaesang opened his business under named "Sang Pisang".

    In XploRasa Festival, Sang Pisang booth is flocked by young people. The banana nugget is presented with a variety of flavors from classic up to currently popular flavors such as oreo and milo. A box of Sang Pisang is priced at Rp26,000 on average; the portion is enough for 3-4 people.

    2. Kopi Alpukat

    Kopi Kulo cafe which is currently being a hit in Jakarta enlivens XploRasa Festival with its unique drink, Kopi Alpukat. The drink is a coffee blend made from Indonesian beans. The taste slightly tastes like Liberica coffee, a bit dark and sour but leave a savory taste in the last sip. Kopi Kulo is labeled at Rp27,000 per glass.

    3. Kastera by Luna Maya

    The pillow cake owned by Indonesian artist Luna Maya named "Kastera Luna" is priced at Rp90,000. Kastera Luna is a soft cake ala Japan which is riched with cheese. A box of this cheesecake can be served for 5-6 people.

    4. Potetah

    Potetah surely looks interesting. It is a really long fried potato; up to 20 centimeters in length. Potetah is a light snack adapted from Thailand. The fried potato is served in various flavors such as cheese and BBQ. Visitors can get a plate of Potetah at Rp35,000.

    5. Nasi Goreng Gila Gondrong Obama

    The brand of this fried rice has been famous since the 1980s and is said as a popular dish in Menteng, South Jakarta. The name is after Obama because the first place of this fried rice is located in front of Obama’s school in Indonesia. Nasi Goreng Gila Gondrong Obama is a hit dish among foodies.

    6. Telur Gulung Warung Exito

    The egg rolls on a stick are one of Indonesian childhood favorite snacks. Warung Exito presents the egg rolls packaged in the modern pack at Rp20,000 for seven skewers. This snack again becomes trending on social media Instagram since the pack is instagrammable.

    7. Martabak Luna Uya

    The brand is owned by Indonesian artist Luna Maya and Uya Kuya. This martabak, Indonesian sweet thick pancake, is offered in various flavors such as chocolate, nuts, sweet cheese corn, and others. What makes this martabak different than others is the pancake ingredient is combined with today’s hit recipes such as red velvet. The price is set at Rp70,000-90,000 per box.