Rupiah Strengthens to 13,756 per USD

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The rupiah exchange rate strengthens to 0.23 percent or 32 points to 13,746 per US dollar in the opening of today`s trade, April 13.

    Previously, the movement was predicted to depreciate towards the US dollar following the sentiment from the release of FOMC meeting minutes which tend to create a hawkish effect for the US dollar.

    Binaartha Sekuritas analyst Muhammad Nafan Aji Gusta said it was in line with The Fed's plan to raise the benchmark of interest rate gradually this year, in addition to the current geopolitical sentiment in the Middle East.

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    The tensions in the Middle East began to rise as Russia responded strongly to the US military attack plan and the allied forces against Syria because Assad's regime legalized the use of chemical attacks in facing the anti-Assad guerrillas. The weapon is known to endanger civilians.

    Meanwhile, the domestic sentiment is minimum and it cannot provide a positive catalyst for rupiah.

    Technically, the USDIDR daily chart showed a white opening bozu candle pattern indicating a potential strengthening for US dollar against rupiah. “The USDIDR range on Friday is 13,753 to 13,797,” according to a research by Binaartha Sekuritas.