Senin, 17 Desember 2018

Foreign Climber Missing for 6 Days in Mount Merbabu

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  • Mount Merbabu climbers set tents. TEMPO/Nur Septia Wilda

    Mount Merbabu climbers set tents. TEMPO/Nur Septia Wilda

    TEMPO.COSemarang - The joint team of Search and Rescue (SAR) has yet found a foreign citizen who went missing in Mount Merbabu, Central Java. The man named Andrey Voytech from New Zealand climbed the mountain on Friday morning, March 30.

    “Until today, we have not found him yet,” said Zulhawary Agustianto, the spokesperson of SAR National Agency (Basarnas) in SAR Office, Semarang, Thursday, April 5.

    Zulhawary stated the SAR joint team, which include the Basarnas officers and 120 joint personnel, has extended the searching to the Post 2 after doing a search in Post 1 of Thekelan climbing lane from Saturday until Monday. “Andrey was last seen in that lane,” he said.

    A number of witnesses have seen Andrey in Survivor area in Post 1 last Friday. “That is the last time witness saw Andrey. The searching plan is continued to sweep the area from the mount peak,” Zulhawary noted.

    The joint personnel is divided into six units of search and rescue which were spread around Post 1 and Post 2 of the climbing lane. "The team has also swept the cliff area, however, the survivor was not found there,” said a Basarnas member Rindang Krisnavianto Tulu.

    He stated Andrey Voytech was reported missing on Saturday, last week by her partner Sistha after noticing Andrey had yet returned from Mount Merbabu.