Rabu, 19 Desember 2018

Big Bad Wolf Becomes Family Recreation Event

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  • Visitors are browsing books during The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2017 event. TEMPO/Fajar Januarta

    Visitors are browsing books during The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2017 event. TEMPO/Fajar Januarta

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Big Bad Wolf book exhibition on March 29 to April 9, in ICE BSD, Tangerang, filled with visitors who mostly families. They bring their children to select the favorite books.

    Willam and Teresa brought their son to choose the favorite books. "He excited to choose the books by himself," said Teresa on ICE BSD, Sunday, April 1.

    Teresa said, besides the affordable price, the books are varied. She bought an interactive educational book for his 4-year-old son. "This coloring book is only Rp50,000," she said.

    According to Teresa, Big Bad Wolf exhibition is quite comfortable for a family to visit. Besides its wide venue and a various option of books, it provides places to eat and children also visitors will feel comfortable.

    Big Bad Wolf is demanded because it has millions of books that can be selected. The price is more affordable because all books are discounted from 60 to 80 percent.

    The types of books are diverse, ranging from fiction, nonfiction, to pop-up books. Not only Indonesian and English books are sold, there are also some Chinese books.

    Big Bad Wolf provides about 5.5 million books for visitors to enjoy, especially the book lovers. The event will be held for 280 hours nonstop starting from 29 March to 9 April at ICE Hall BSD, Tangerang.

    This year, the committee of the Big Bad Wolf launched a movement of Please Invade the Book As Long As You Care the Environment or #SISKUAMLING. With the movement, the committee hopes the visitors to be orderly by not destroying the book, opening the plastic book cover and maintaining order for shared comfort.