Rabu, 19 Desember 2018

NTB Set Up Mangrove Essential Ecosystem Area in Lembar Bay

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  • Mangrove tour in Brebes, Indonesia.

    Mangrove tour in Brebes, Indonesia.

    TEMPO.CO, Mataram - The first Essential Ecosystem Area (KEE) of Mangrove is built in a potential tourism destination Sekotong, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The area is organized in 86,46 hectare of land at Bagek Kembar hamlet, Cendi Manik Village or Lembar Bay area.

    The site provides stunning photography place for the visitor in taking selfie image which displays the beautiful scenery of Lombok Straits and ferries or tourist boats heading to dock in the Lembar Bay.

    The head of Sub-Directorate of Wetlands at the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Margo Utomo, explained KEE is a protected area which managed based on conservation principle in one or several provincial areas, districts, or cities.

    “Let’s protect and preserve the wetlands ecosystem especially mangrove,” said Margo while planting the mangrove on Tuesday, March 27.

    According to him, the advantage of KEE will last forever as it is part of biodiversity, a livelihood source, as well as to prevent disaster.

    The head of NTB Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Ari Subiantoro, explained a mangrove is an important unit in ecosystem life. “Mangrove help to prevent abrasion, stabilize the water quality, fish spawning or farming area, and erosion barrier,” Ari said.

    KEE mangrove is established prior to the 60th anniversary of West Lombok. It is built on the outside of conservation area which the ecology and its physics are important at protecting the species and genetic diversity of both natural and artificial ecosystems.

    In 2017, Lombok mayor launched Mangrove Conservator Forum whose members from administration officials, private officers, and communities who interested in mangrove preservation, particularly in West Lombok.

    The acting major of West Lombok Lalu Saswadi supported Lembar Bay to be KEE Mangrove. He hoped the area will be widely expanded. “The more protected area of mangrove, the more developed West Lombok will be and it will affect the people’s economic growth,” Lalu stated.