Setya Novanto Nephew Gets Rp30mn to Run as Golkar Legislative

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  • Nephew of Setya Novanto to run as Golkar Legislative

    Nephew of Setya Novanto to run as Golkar Legislative

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Setya Novanto’s nephew, Irvanto Hendra Pambudi, said he received Rp30 million from e-KTP graft suspect Made Oka Masagung to run as a legislative candidate from the Golkar Party.

    “Pak Made Oka wanted to sponsor me with Rp100 million to run in the election,” Irvanto said when taking the witness stand during Setya Novanto’s Trial in Jakarta, Wednesday, Mar. 14

    According to his testimony, Made Oka gave him the Rp100 million to switch his electoral candidacy area from West Java 3 to Central Java 3.

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    When the prosecutor asked Made Oka if he knew about Irvanto’s candidacy, he said he forgot. Made also said that he never gave Irvanto money.

    Meanwhile, Irvanto said he had met with Made for five times at Setya Novanto’s home. Irvanto also said that Made knew he was running for a legislative seat.

    Both Made Oka and Irvanto are suspects in the e-KTP corruption case for allegedly acting as middlemen who distributed the kickback money.

    Made is suspected to have delivered US$3.8 million from PT Biomorf Mauritus. Irvanto is accused of delivering US$3.5 million.

    Alfan Hilmi