PerguNU Urges Establishment of Teachers Protection Commission

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Several leaders of the Nahdlatul Ulama Teacher`s Association (Pergunu) suggested Vice President Jusuf Kalla form a protection commission to protect teachers in Indonesia against violent acts.

    “A teacher’s protection commission is really needed to reduce cases of violence against teachers, whether it be done by students or the student’s parents that has been on a rise lately,” said Aris Adi Leksono, Pergunu Deputy Chairman at the Vice President’s Office on Tuesday, March 13.

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    Aris said that the existence of a teacher’s commission in Indonesia will be able to provide security certainty for teachers in Indonesia.

    He also hopes that the existence of such commission will be able to harmonize other teacher’s organization that already exists. “Information that circulates will be fair between the rights of the child or student and the teachers,” said Aris.

    Recent cases of violence against teachers have been on a rise in Indonesia. One of the tragic cases involved Ahmad Budi Cahyono, a high-school teacher at SMAN 1 Torjun high school in Sampang that was killed by his own student on February 1.

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