4 Reasons Not to Be in Relationship With Friends of Your Ex

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - People are free to fall in love with anyone regardless of their status, including a best friend of your ex-partner. However, some thought establishing a love relationship with an ex’s friend is a big no-no.

    According to Youqueen webpage, here are the reasons why it is best to not involved in a romantic relationship with your former partner's best friend.

    1. Destroy the friendship

    Deciding to have a relationship with a friend of your ex means you ruin the friendship between them. You will feel awkward or uncomfortable to meet or gather together.

    2. Tarnish your self-reputation

    Whatever the reason, people will get negative thoughts about you. You have a romantic relationship with an ex’s friend, either because you really love him, or you want to 'revenge' against your ex by hurting him subtly, or maybe because you cannot be separated from him so you maintain a relationship with his friend.

    3. Imagine if you experience it

    How do you feel if your former partner have a relationship with your friend? You may not have any special feelings clinging to your ex and wish your friends happy. But that cannot guarantee you will be fine with such condition.

    4. Difficult to feel happy

    You will hard to behave in front of your ex, your partner, and their circle. You will feel uneasy, even uncomfortable especially when being gathered together because it feels so awkward. Moreover, you will tend to be insecure when your current love partner and your former partner meet together alone, worrying they will gossip about you.