Saturday, 19 January 2019

6 Ways to Know Baby Gender Without Medical Assistance

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - There are actually several ways to predict the gender of the baby in the womb of a pregnant woman with an accuracy of about 50 percent. The method has been widely used by parents since long ago. There are six methods with the highest success rate, quoted from the Familyshare.

    1. Wedding ring test

    Hang a wedding ring on the rope and dangle it on the belly of a pregnant woman. See the swing, if the swing side to side likes a pendulum, most likely he is a baby boy. If the swing is in the circular movement she is a baby girl.

    2. Morning sickness

    If a pregnant woman experiences an extreme morning sickness, it is usually an indicator to provide the pink clothing alias she is a baby girl.

    3. The way of bringing the baby

    It depends on the body shape, size and the activity of the baby. But if the stomach lifts up high, it signifies a baby girl and if it is low then he is a baby boy.

    4. Food cravings

    A pregnant woman likes to crave things that are difficult to guess. However, mothers in the ancient time have guidelines, if they have candy addiction, it is a baby girl, but if the cravings are salty foods, then it is a baby boy.

    5. Heartbeat

    The ancient mothers said that the baby's heartbeat can show the baby's gender. If a heart rate more than 140 beats per minute (BPM) then it is a baby girl, while if the heart rate is slower than 140 BPM, most likely it is a baby boy.

    6. Acne

    The period of pregnancy can make a pregnant woman has acne. If she is not usually having acne, a baby girl will accompany the journey of her life in the future.