One Demonstrator Dies of Asthma

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  • TEMPO/Subekti.


    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta police have confirmed that a man who joined the rally on Friday (4 November) died of asthma.

    The man was identified as M. Syachrie Oy Bcan (55) from Tangerang, Bannte. Syachrie worked in a private sector and also worked as a Koran recital teacher.

    “We did not find signs of violence or wounds in is body,” said Head of Public Relations Division of the Jakarta Police Comr. Sr. Awi Setiyono in a written statement on Saturday (5/11).

    Awi added that the body had been taken by his family to Tangerang.

    “His body has been taken by his nephew,” Awi said.

    In the meantime, at least eight police officers were wounded in the rally. The clash erupted between the police and the demonstrators at 6:30 pm.

    Initially, the demonstrators and the police were pushing each other but later on the demonstrators threw bottlers and pieces of woods at the police. The police then sprayed tear gas at the demonstrators.