British Tourist Dies While Diving in Wakatobi

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A British tourist named Gregory Arthur Alain Mills (17) died while diving with his father Christopher John Mils in Maya Bay, Lamanggau village, Tomia Subdistrict, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi.

    "Water went into his mouth and nose and he was unable to breathe," Southeast Sulawesi Police Spokesperson, Ajun Kombes Sunato said on Sunday (30/10).

    The tragic incident took place on Saturday (29/10) on 8 o’clock in the morning Central Indonesia Standard Time. When Gregory and his father were diving 9 meters down, guided by dive master Nicola Jaeger, he suddenly found it hard to breathe, went panic, and took off his regulator. Nicole tried to help but he kept resisting.

    Gregory was immediately taken to Medical Room Wakatobi Dive Resort in Tomia, but he already died.

    Autopsy results showed no signs of violence on his body, but sea water was found in his lungs.

    Gregory’s body is currently still in Medical Room PT Wakatobi Resort.

    "His parents said they will not sue the company for the incident because it was his own fault," Bau-bau Ex-regional Police chief claimed.