Lampung to Create Cassava Power Plant

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Lampung Provincial Government plans to develop cassava into a source of electricity as the solution to the electricity crisis in the region.

    “The cassava production in Lampung can reach 10 million tons per year. There’s a tapioca factory in Lampung that has developed cassava into an electric energy, we’re going to follow their footsteps,” said Fahrizal Darminto, Lampung Governor's Expert Staff in the Provincial Development Sector on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

    He stated that the technology implemented by one of the tapioca factories in Lampung was utilizing the cassava into a biomass that generates electricity.

    According to Fahrizal, by using 10 tons of cassava, the factory could produce one-megawatt energy. By the cassava's utilization as the source of electricity, its price is also hoped to increase, he added.

    According to the Rector of Sumatera Institute of Technology (Itera) Ofyar Z. Tamin, the government all of this time could not solve the energy crisis in Sumatra. That happens due to the increased demand for the energy that also has exceeded the growth of the supply.