Military Personnel Assault Journalist

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  • TEMPO/Machfoed Gembong

    TEMPO/Machfoed Gembong

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Press Council chairman Yosep Stanley Adi Prasetyo asserted that the assault against NET TV journalist Soni Misdananto, which was perpetrated by military personnel in Madiun, East Java, is the result of a misconduct.

    "Some [military personnel] think that they own the area," Yosep said at the Press Council building in Jakarta on Monday, October 3, 2016.

    However, Yosep revealed that the scene is a civilian area located far from the military jurisdiction.

    Earlier on Sunday, October 2, 2016, Soni was allegedly assaulted by military personnel while reporting on Islamic new year celebrations in Madiun.

    Yosep added that the military personnel were assigned to secure Islamic new year celebrations. In relation to the allegation, Yosep called on Army officials to probe soldiers allegedly assaulted and intimidated Soni.

    In addition to condemning the assault, Independent Journalist Alliance (AJI) chairman Suwarjono pointed out that Soni's questioning at the Military Police Detachment (Den POM) was highly irregular. Soni, Suwarjono added, have been questioned without being accompanied by a legal team or his family since Sunday night.

    "This is an intimidation, we don't know the reason behind this time-consuming questioning," Suwarjono added.

    According to Suwarjono, Soni admitted that he was beaten when documenting an accident involving a member of the Persatuan Setia Hati Terate (PSHT), a group of matial artists. Soni also admitted that he was dragged to a security outpost by the street. Soni was asked to show his press card and ID card. Soni's camera was also damaged.