Ternate See Large Inflow of Foreign Tourists

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The total solar eclipse that went pass the skies of Ternate today, March 9, 2016, had turned into a tourist magnet for the region. Ternate City Secretary Taufik Soleman, said that in the past few days, foreign tourists can be seen roaming around town.

    "In the past three days, Ternate is packed with foreign tourist, just like what we would see in Bali. This occurs because the total solar eclipse pass through Ternate," Taufik said on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

    As many as 2,153 foreign tourists were recorded to visit Ternate to witness the total solar eclipse, including researchers. These foreign tourists came from different parts of the world including Japan, Australia, United States, France, China, Thailand, Slovenia, Germany, and Russia.

    Taufik asserted that the sharply increasing number of foreign tourists provided the opportunity for Ternate promote its tourism sector and creative economy products, specifically hand crafted products.

    Taufik added that during the solar eclipse, the Ternate City Government also performed a ritual of sounding the dolo-dolo (a bamboo slit drum). The ritual was based on local custom where people believed that sounding the dolo-dolo would get rid of the supernatural giant who swallowed the sun or the moon during an eclipse.