KPI`s Censorship Based on Patriarchy Standards: Observer

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  • The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI). TEMPO/Dasril Roszandi

    The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI). TEMPO/Dasril Roszandi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-Rocky Gerung, philosophy lecturer at the University of Indonesia, said that Indonesian Broadcasting Commission’s (KPI) circular letter on censorship was made based on the patriarchy standards. Rocky added that the circular letter had undermined a woman’s body considering it as the source of sins.

    Rocky argued that there is a bad mind on the ban of male presenters acting femininely on TV. “On the other hand, public appreciates masculine women,” Rocky said in a discussion on censorship at the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation on Wednesday, March 02, 2016. 

    He viewed that the circular letter was aimed at censoring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues in the community.

    “This reflects the absence of open-mindedness and [the circular letter] was used to justify moral values of the majority. They’re not aware of the essence of democracy,” Rocky added.

    According to Rocky, the censorship is similar to Catholic Church’s doctrine issued in the 16th century banning liberalism and secularism.

    The lecturer said that democracy existed from change and needed people to be open-minded. The censorship issue, he added, would continue to spark controversies, unless the state made a decision.

    Earlier on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, the KPI issued a circular letter banning male TV presenters acting femininely. The ban was imposed based on observations and complaints received by the KPI.