BRI to Launch Own Satellite Next Year

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  • PLN CEO Sofyan Basir. Tempo/Aditia Noviansyah

    PLN CEO Sofyan Basir. Tempo/Aditia Noviansyah

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia plans to launch its own satellite in July 2016. BRI Vice CEO Sunarso said the launch of this satellite is in effort to improve service quality and support development and banking technology innovation in the future.

    So far, BRI has been renting a satellite owned by PT Telekomuniksasi Indonesia, and its performance is yet satisfying. “Because it does not cover all regions that BRI targets,” Sunarso told Tempo on Monday, November 9.

    Sunarso says the launching of this satellite will be much more profitable rather than having to rent it for Rp 500 billion per year. According to Sunarso’s calculation, the satellite can last 15 years. “If it cost Rp 3 trillion and used for 15 years, it could be paid off in six years,” he said.

    Its manufacturing process is currently in a 30-day thermal vacuum testing conducted by the Space System Loral (SSL) in Palo Alto, US, and Montreal, Canada. Also in its control center located in Ragunan, Jakarta and Tabanan, Bali.

    Its launch schedule will take place at a Launch Site owned by Arianespace in Kourou, French Guyana in mid-2016. However, Sunarso believes that the launch will be ahead of schedule as its assembly is almost completed. “Its scheduled for July 2016, but will be ready for launch in May,” said Sunarso.