Uncommon Offerings for the Ancestors  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Kediri - Like many other indigenous regions in Indonesia, people in Doko Village, Ngasem Subdistrict, Kediri Regency have a unique traditional rite to make offerings to their ancestors. Unlike other regions, Doko people add alcoholic drinks or liquors to their offerings package. The rite was performed by thousands of residents of the village in a procession just recently.

    Led by the village’s leader, the people march while carrying liquors and various traditional foods. Once The liquors, normally of the expensive labels, are filled into clay jar and put on the tomb of Prabu Anom, who is believed to be ancestor of the village. A number of clay jars containing more liquors and traditional alcoholic drinks were also put in row beside the tomb.

    After a prayer recital, people would rushed into the front to snatch the foods that were carried along with the liquors. Getting and eating this food is believed to bring blessing.

    Mulyadi Wignyo, a member of the rite’s organizer said this tradition has been held for generations every month of Suro (a month in Javanese calendar). People would voluntary contribute by giving out some of their crops for the event.

    “Including the liquors which is favorite of Prabu Anom,” Mulyadi explained.

    In the old days, the event was closed with tayub dance which was also a favorite of Prabu Anom. This traditional dance used to be identical with men audiences getting drunk and committed inappropriate actions during the event. This part of the rite garnered criticism from the people that the dance is gradually conserved without allowing people to get drunk during the event.