Spices for Natural Batik Colorant

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian artist Lalitta Rachmania is making innovation in batik-painting process by using natural-based colorant.

    Lalitta, whose works are being exhibited at SSIA Visual Art Exhibition until November 7, uses shredded secang wood (Caesalpina sappan) and other spices to produce red color.

    In the event that involves artists from Indonesia and Japan, Lalita displays painting on bark medium and natural-colored batik. It is believed that the use of atural colorant will distinguish her batik with others.

    “The technique is still the same, which is painted using canting, and the boiled. It’s the coloring process that’s different, it uses natural colorant,” Lalita explained.

    “I combine Indonesian batik techniques with Japanese fall motives.”

    In addition to secang wood, Lalita also uses tingi wood (Ceriops candolleana) for brown color, and tegaran wood (Maclura cochinchinensis) for yellow.