Risma Welcomes New Male Sumatran Tiger to Surabaya Zoo

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  • REUTERS/Mike Blake

    REUTERS/Mike Blake

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Surabaya mayor Tri Rismaharini welcomes a new male Sumatran tiger named Wira to Surabaya Zoo. Wira was donated by Indonesian Safari Park to Surabaya Zoo (KBS) that is in need of male Sumatran tiger for breeding.

    “It was a long process, since five months ago. Because it is an administrative issue, I handle it myself,” said Risma-how the mayor popularly known- to journalists after the ceremonial event for the animal’s transfer on Sunday, September 27.

    “And it has just been delivered to KBS now."

    Risma believes that Wira would help to avoid incest breeding among the Sumatran tigers in KBS. Moreover, Wira has an ideal genetics since it was born from crossbreeding between zoo tiger and wild-raised tiger. The zoo has now ten Sumatran tigers in its collection including six female and four male tigers.