Mount Jaddih, New Tourism Spot of Bangkalan

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gunung Jaddih (Mount Jaddih) is a new tourism spot in Bangkalan, Madura, East Java. The mountain, which is located around 10 kilometers away from the downtown Bangkalan, was discovered four years ago by local residents.

    Gunung Jaddih is located far away from other Bangkalan’s famous tourism sites such as Rongkang Beach (20 kilometers), religious site Mount Geger (60 kilometers), and the lighthouse from the Dutch colonialism era (15 kilometers).

    “We don’t have to go too far. To get to Mount Jaddih, we can just walk from home,” said Masrudi, the resident of East Jaddih Village who used to spend more money to take his family to Rongkang Beach on Eid holidays.

    The green grass carpet on the western part of the mountain is suitable to have family picnic. In south, there is a spot for youngsters to gather or showcase their free-style motorbiking. At north, children can swim in a spring-water swimming pool for free of charge.

    And finally, visitors may go to the mountain’s top using motorbike to enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkalan town and Suramadu Bridge.

    Mount Jaddih is a giant limestone hill on 500-hectare land and includes three villages: Jaddih, Rabasan, and Parseh. Most of the villagers are making life in the mountain.