Behind the Luxurious Nusa Dua

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - For some locals, the area of Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) Nusa Dua, South Kuta, Bali, might seem “luxurious”. Indeed, the 350-hectare land has become the area where luxurious hotels existing in Nusa Dua. BTDC had also hosted several important national and international meetings.

    Beyond the luxurious walls, however, the area has other sides that are still friendly to local residents. Peninsula and Nusa Dharma Island are among these “other side”.

    According to local story, both islands were previously secluded a bit further away from Bali main land. The name Nusa Dua was also derived from this two small islands.

    Since both islands are currently included in the BTDC area, visitors who would like to visit the islands have to pass the BTDC area and go through inspection portal. Both islands are located behind The Bay area with Peninsula Island is on the southern side and Nusa Dharma is on the northern side.

    The sidewalk by the beach facilitated visitors to enjoy the scenery of the island. Some would take a stroll while others prefer to ride a bike.

    The large green field and thick trees will welcome everybody who arrives on the island. The green field, which is stretched even before the entrance to the island, becomes the place for those who want to spend time resting or enjoying the beach.

    This is my favorite place when I visit Nusa Dua. To sit or even lie down on the green grass under the shady trees felt just like a piece of heaven. Breezy wind there usually made me doze off.

    Nusa Dharma Island at the north looks shadeier than Peninsula Island. In this island, lies pura (Hindu temple) Nusa Dharma which was built in 1948 by Chinese descent Tan Sie Yong. This temple is a form of acculturation in Bali. Wild birds, which are flying around freely there, only make the ambience in Nusa Dharma more beautiful.

    The Peninsula at the south is larger in size than Nusa Dharma. One of the attractions in the island is the Water Blow, a view of sea wave splashing high when it hits the reef. A beautiful sunset can be enjoyed from the top of the reefs on Peninsula Island.