A Run to Remember

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  • AP/Andrew Burton

    AP/Andrew Burton

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta urban trend has popped a new community named Barisan Pengingat, initially proposed by novelist Okky Madasari. At first, she realized that running has become a trend, that it can actually be used to help trigger awareness and motivate the youths to urge the solvency of Human Rights violation cases.

    Barisan Pengingat holds a weekly event called Run to Remember, a 5-kilometer run to remember and care to the victims of Human Rights violation and injustice. "Barisan Pengingat is for the youths. Its activity refers to what most people like," said Okky.

    Run to Remember is one among many activities that Barisan Pengingat is set to conduct in 2014. Other activities aimed at using art and culture to help draw interest of the youths. Barisan Pengingat has also gained several public figures joining force, namely actress Dinda Kanya Dewi, journalist Timothy Marbun and model Tiga Setia Gara.