KBS Sends 387 Animals to 6 Conservation Organizations

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  • Surabaya Zoo (KBS). TEMPO/Fully Syafi

    Surabaya Zoo (KBS). TEMPO/Fully Syafi

    TEMPO.CO, Surabaya - As many as 387 animals of Surabaya Zoo (KBS) has been sent to six conservation organizations in Indonesia. The transfer has been done when KBS was under the hand of Temporary Management Team, led by Tonny Sumampauw.

    Tonny said the transfer has been approved by all related parties, including the Forestry Ministry. "There was a recommendation from the management and health evaluation team of KBS," said Tonny to Tempo yesterday. The action was due to the transfer agreement on KBS surplus animals between KBS and conservation organizations, signed during April to May 2013. The organizations are Pematang Siantar Animal Park, North Sumatra; Mirah Fantasia, Banyuwangi; Lembah Hijau Animal Park, Lampung; East Java Park, Batu; Maharani Zoo and Cave, Lamongan; and Indonesia Safari Park II, Progen, Pasuruan.

    Tonny as the Daily Person in Charge of the KBS Temporary Management Team was the first party acting for and on the name of KBS, while the conservation organizations were the second party.

    According to Tonny, the agreement is known by other parties including the representatives of Surabaya City Administration. He also asserted that the Forestry Ministry has been notified since all of the animals belong to the government.

    Tonny has also asked the Surabaya administration to focus on improving the management of KBS instead of busy looking for the one to blame.