Monday, 23 September 2019

Education More Efficient with U-Learning System

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - An advance information technology can overcome the differing education system with Ubiquitous-Learning (U-Learning). This system utilize vendor's communication network.

    This innovation is introduced by NS Devil (North Star Developer's Village). That is Ubiquitous Base Test (UBT) and Ubiquitous-Learning Platform which is considered capable of overcoming limitations in the teaching process.

    According to the Director of PT Surya Inti Komunikasi Tonny Firman A, the technology application is not only relying on internet base, but also is facilitated by 3G wireless communication technology on the network and cellular gadgets which are widely used throughout the country.

    According to him, E-Learning has started to apply although it is limited on internet network. U-learning can be applied to various patterns on mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, and iPad without being dependent on PC or laptops.

    UBT stands for Ubiquitous Base Test. It means that tests or examinations can be conducted anywhere unlimited to places or devices like chairs, papers, stationeries, and dedicated rooms. Its other advantage is that it will reduce the costs of the tests, especially in examining the answer sheets, tests managements.

    In its development in Indonesia, since November 2012, NS Devil has been cooperating with Pasundan University Bandung as the first project. The first step evaluation result in June last month showed a significant result for the students and lecturers from the lecture process until entering the semester test. Soon, cooperation with educational bodies from elementary level to institutional level will be established.

    According to Cavin Shin, the technology has been applied in South Africa, Russia, Japan, and the Philippines. Harvard University and NY University are recorded as the users of UBT. It had been tested during state examination in Korea.