Saturday, 14 December 2019

Seaweed Exports Secured

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    Rumput Laut

    TEMPO.CO, Nusa Dua - The Marine and Fisheries Ministry’s Investment and Business Director I Made W Arthajaya said that Indonesia’s dried seaweed exports had been hampered by several constraints such as the health certificate (HC) required by China. Furthermore, Chile had also requested for Certificate of Legal Origin (CoLO) and a phyto sanitary additions for Indonesian seaweed exports. However, Made said the certifications have been fulfilled and he guarantees that the seaweed exports are secured up to requirements.

    "We're cooperating with the Agriculture Ministry for the phyto sanitary requirements. We’ve fulfilled all requirements for seaweed exports. The Ministerial decree for CoLO has also been issued and applied in several regions," Made added.

    However, the government is looking to reduce the current seaweed exports. "So far, 80 percent of the raw materials are exported overseas," said Made who expects the figure to be down to just 60 percent.

    The government reduces the export supply so that the differences or the delta of the raw material reductions can be processed domestically. "We expect the raw materials exports to be reduced from 80 percent to 60 percent. Therefore, we’ll have an additional delta of ten percent and we can keep 20 percent for domestic processing. Indonesia imports 1,400 tons of seaweed products per annum, 960 tons are for jelly."